[subject to change]

The following Marina Rules & Regulations have been adopted in order to provide a safe and inviting Marina for all Paradise Cove Marina (“PCM”) patrons. Boat Owner, any member of his family, any of his employees, licensees, agents, contractors, and guests (hereinafter individually referred to as “Boat Owner’s Agent”) expressly agree to comply with these Rules at all times. The Marina maintains the right from time to time to change or add Rules for the safety, care and cleanliness of the Marina or for the preservation of good order and, upon posting such amendments and additions in a conspicuous place in the Marina, they shall become part of the License Agreement and supersede all previous versions. Boat Owner agrees to comply, and to cause Boat Owner’s Agent to comply, with all Marina Rules.

1. DOCKING, MOORING, OR OTHERWISE SECURING OF ANY AND ALL VESSELS in the Marina or to any portion of the docks is permitted only with the written authorization of the Marina, by means of a license or rental/lease agreement, and as such falls under the jurisdiction of the Marina.

2. RULES OF THE ROAD and navigation laws of the United States, Texas River Navigation Laws, U.S. Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Lower Colorado River Authority apply to all boats in, approaching or leaving the Marina. Boat Owners and Boat are responsible for damages or injuries caused by Boat’s wake.

3. ALL VESSELS REQUIRE EXAMINATION AND APPROVAL by the Dockmaster prior to the execution of any slip license agreement. Vessels are to be maintained in good mechanical and aesthetic condition at all times. Vessels not in good condition, as determined at the sole discretion of the Dockmaster, will not be admitted to or permitted to remain in the Marina.

4. MAINTENANCE IN THE MARINA, whether by boat owner or commercial contractor authorized by PCM, shall be limited to normal preventative maintenance. These procedures are to include changing batteries, fluids, and expendable parts (e.g., belts, filters, etc.). Extensive repairs may require, at the sole discretion of the Marina, that the vessel be removed from the marina prior to the work being done. Boat washing is permitted using Marina approved biodegradable soaps and cleaners or by an approved third party boat cleaning & detailing company.

5. POWER TOOLS are not permitted for use on the docks or exterior of any vessel, except by authorized Marina personnel. Special exception may be requested from the Dockmaster who will review each request on a case-by-case basis. The decision of the Dockmaster shall be final. Painting, to include varnish, conditioning oil, and solvent, is not permitted. Repairs, maintenance, and other activities that produce debris (e.g., paint chips, sawdust, filings, etc.) are not permitted.

6. MODIFICATIONS OR ADDITIONS (e.g., installing fenders, hose caddies, dinghies, etc.) to any portion of the docks are not permitted.

7.CONTRACTORS, AGENTS, AND GUESTS must be approved by the Dockmaster and must be accompanied by the Boat Owner while they are on the docks. If the Boat Owner cannot be present the Boat Owner must inform the Marina Office prior to admitting the agent or guest on the docks. All contractors are required to sign in at the dock office prior to accessing the docks. Contractors are permitted only during the Marina hours of operation unless accompanied by the Boat Owner. All work must be concluded and prior to closing of the Marina (See schedule). Boat inspectors or insurance adjusters as well as any other person inspecting the Boat or performing any job or activity on or for the Boat shall be deemed a “contractor” for purposes of these rules.

8. PARKING PERMITS will be issued to vehicles registered to the vessel owner and their immediate family only. Boater Permits are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Any vehicle NOT displaying a CURRENT permit may be ticketed and/or towed at the Owner’s sole risk and expense. PCM members are authorized to park exclusively in the lower parking area. Guests are allowed to park in the covered parking area or in the over-flow designated area in the upper tracts. The Marina DOES NOT warrant the availability of parking. The Marina disclaims responsibility for vehicles parked on Paradise Cove Marina property, including, but not limited to, damage to, theft of or theft from vehicles. Permits will NOT be issued to delinquent accounts. Boaters may obtain visitor-parking passes at the Dock Office at no cost. Boat or Wave Runner/Jet-Ski Trailer parking is not permitted (please contact Dockmaster to make special arrangements). The LCRA prohibits any parking on the beach/shoreline areas, subject to fines.

9. WALKWAYS and dock fingers shall be kept clear (of ice boxes, equipment, gear, etc.) at all times. Boarding steps and ladders are subject to approval by the Marina. Chairs, cookers, float toys, etc., must be properly stowed after use. [Enforced by Travis County Fire Marshall]

10. “FOR SALE” SIGNS and any other forms of advertising or solicitation must be approved by the Marina.

11. COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES, vending, or otherwise collecting funds is not permitted, unless formally approved by the Marina. Commercial activities include, but are not limited to, rental or leasing of boats, chartering of boats or boarding paying passengers, use of the Marina address, use of a boat, telephone, or facsimile number in any advertising, brochure, letterhead, business card, or other commercial document that is located at the Marina. Any questions regarding these matters should be directed to the Dockmaster.

12. LAUNDRY shall not be hung on boats or docks.

13. GAS GRILL COOKING is permitted on the docks on a case-by-case basis, and subject to the discretion of the Dockmaster.

14. FIREWORKS are not permitted in the Marina, on the docks, or on any vessel in or attached to the Marina.

15.TRASH AND GARBAGE must be placed in sealed plastic bags and disposed of in the trash bins located along the sidewalks or taken with the Boater when they leave. Do not leave garbage anywhere on the ground. Glass, aluminum, and plastic should be placed in the provided recycling containers (if any). No glass containers are allowed on the Marina. Cardboard boxes must be flattened and put in the dumpster. Any construction debris, old furniture, or other bulky items must be removed from the Marina by the Boat Owner. Shrink wrap is not to be disposed of in the dumpster.

16. USED MOTOR OIL, ANTIFREEZE, FUEL, BATTERIES, AND OTHER HAZARDOUS MATERIALS can be recycled. Contact the Marina to arrange disposal. All other hazardous materials (e.g., varnish, paint, motor oil, alcohol, wood oil, etc.) are not to be stored or disposed of at Paradise Cove Marina. Contact the Marina regarding the disposal of oil and/or fuel soaked rags and/or absorbent material prior to disposal. No flammables, hazardous materials, gas cans, or fireworks are to be stored for any period of time on board vessels or on the docks (including dock boxes) by order of the Travis County Fire Marshall. (These materials include, but are not limited to, fuel, spray paint, WD40, wasp killer, acetone, etc.)

17. UTILITY CONNECTIONS from the Boat to the Marina are to be maintained in a serviceable condition as directed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife and the National Park Service safety officer. All utility connections (water supply lines, power cables and cable T.V.) must run under the dock and are subject to approval by the Dockmaster. Unsafe connections are immediately subject to disconnection with or without prior notification of the Boat Owner(s). Please contact the marina office for assistance to help run utility connections.

i. Under no circumstances may a Boat Owner plug into any other slip outlet, even with the permission of the occupant of that slip, without prior approval from the Marina.
If there is a problem or emergency, notify the Dockmaster or the call number on the dock office door. Under no circumstances may anyone plug into any Marina plug, light, or appliance without the express permission of the Marina. Do not run cords across any walkway. NO MORE THAN ONE VESSEL IS TO BE CONNECTED TO A SINGLE SHORE POWER OUTLET.

18. LOUD NOISES such as hailers, loud music, or unnecessarily loud revving of engines will not be permitted. Dock parties must conclude by 10:00 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, and by 11:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Any noise which can be heard further than two slips from the boat will be considered to be a nuisance. If necessary, a Travis County Sheriff may and will be called to issue a ticket for disturbance.

19. IF THE BOAT IS TO BE OCCUPIED OR OPERATED by a person other than the Owner without the Owner present, the Marina must be contacted in writing. The Owner should provide the Marina a list of approved individuals if they expect them to use the boat on a regular basis.

20. DOCK GATE ACCESS is by combination unique to each dock. For the safety of everyone do not provide the combination to anyone. Contractors will receive a contractor key when they check in.

21. PETS are allowed with the condition that they are kept on a leash at all times while on the docks. Pets may be unleashed on dry Paradise Cove Marina property, as long as they are under your control. Please scoop up after your pets.

22. SPACE HEATERS ARE NOT TO BE OPERATED UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME. Certain “boat safe” engine compartment heaters may be used with prior approval from the Marina. Vessels found operating unattended space heaters or other unsafe heating devices will be immediately disconnected from shore power. At no time are kerosene or propane space heaters to be operated in the Marina.

23. NO DISCHARGES are permitted in any Texas waterways. Sewage, treated or untreated, must go to an onboard holding tank and discharged at PCM’s septic pumpout station. Bilges must be kept free of any contaminates (e.g. oil, fuel, antifreeze, etc.) A discharge is defined as any spilling, leaking, pumping, pouring, emitting, emptying, or dumping.

24. ANY CHANGES TO YOUR BOATER STATUS (i.e., departure date, change of slip, mailing address, etc.) require notification to the Marina. A credit to your account, if applicable, will be issued only if the Marina Office is notified, in writing, prior to any such changes. Forms for this purpose are provided in the Dock Office. Changes can also be mailed, faxed to the address indicated at the top of page 1, e-mailed to, or left in the drop box by the door to the Marina office.

25. RIDING OR OPERATING motorized transportation (Moped, scooter, etc.), skates, or skateboards is not permitted on the docks.

26. LIVEABOARDS* are not permitted at Paradise Cove Marina.

i. * Slip Holders who spend 5 or more consecutive nights in any 7-day period and/or use the marina for a mailing address are considered liveaboard.

ii. Any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this License Agreement, the Marina Rules, or any other Marina issues should be addressed to the Marina Office.

27. FISHING is allowed on the beach area, bridge to the marina docks, the back of Owner’s boats, and at the end of dock fingers. However, no fishing is allowed on the main walkway of the Marina.

28. SWIMMING from the beach area and in the cove is permitted. When swimming in the fairway please use best judgment and caution. Paradise Cove Marina is not responsible for negligent actions.

29. THE LAUNCHING RAMP is free to Marina Members – please make arrangements at marina office to use the ramp. Ramp may be locked to prevent public access and use.

30. GARDEN CARTS should not be stored on the marina docks for more than 3 consecutive days. Please return your cart to the cart storage area near the lower parking lot when are ready to leave PCM. Also, while some carts are privately owned, if your cart is not locked up properly it may get used by other tenants.

31. DISH NETWORK AND HD ANTENNAS are welcome at PCM but please be considerate of placement so that it does not interfere with your neighbor. Cables must be run under walkways.

32. HANGING LIGHTS are not allowed to at the slips. Unsafe lighting connections are immediately subject to disconnection with or without prior notification of the Boat Owner(s). Please contact the marina office with any questions.